Accounting and tax records


Tax records and Accounting

  • posting invoices received and issued
  • accounting of receipts and bank statements
  • recognition of credits, credit notes, internal accounting documents and more
  • monthly or quarterly processing of tax returns value added tax (payers)
  • processing of general messages to the Value Added Tax
  • processing of annual returns of income tax
  • advance quarterly and annual returns to the road tax (for payers)
  • other tax returns and other official forms by Individualized situation
  • inventory accounts at end of period
  • preparation of financial statements (current year, or during the interim year, according to the requirements of Individual)
  • processing of any financial reporting as required client (reports of debtors and creditors, financial analysis, etc.)
  • representation before tax authorities, cooperation with auditors
  • providing accounting advice
  • other tasks according to individual situation

Payroll Accounting

  • calculate gross and net earnings by submitted documents
  • calculation of deductions and contributions for a financial office, management of social security and health insurance
  • issue of pay and wage sheets
  • employee login and logout
  • annual tax bill on personal income

Processing tax returns

  • annual tax return income individuals (employees,Self-employed), including reports for health insurance and Social Security
  • annual tax return income tax

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